Research Area

  • Primary field: Computational Materials Science
  • Methods: computational thermodynamics and kinetics of materials;
    • Development of phase-field methods to describe the time evolution of microstructures; physics-based materials design; materials data infrastructure; materials informatics; ICME
  • Materials: Lead-free solder materials; Thermoelectrics materials
The process-structure-property uncertainty propagation framework deployed in composition, strain and temperature space based on the process definition and natural uncertainties in input parameters.

Selected Publications

3D microstructures of Ti$_{0.70}$Al$_{0.25}$Zr$_{0.05}$N (Unimodal) and b) Ti$_{0.30}$Al$_{0.65}$Zr$_{0.05}$N alloys (bimodal). Tendency of AlN structural transformation (bcc $\rightarrow$ hcp) in Ti$_{1-x-0.05}$Al$_{x}$Zr$_{0.05}$N

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